Explore in style!

The Cyclo Limousine introduces you to the traditional carriage of French design and Vietnamese heritage and allows you to explore one of Tokyo’s fastest yet most traditional sides of the city. Hosting The Emperor’s Gardens, Traditional street vendors and even the renown Tsukiji Fish Market, Ginza is full of adventure around every corner!

Kimono Hakama Experience Tour

Recommended time - Any time

With Cyclo Limousine, enjoy a unique experience and visit the heart of Tokyo, wearing the most elegant and traditional Japanese suit.

You will be dressed with a beautiful Hakama; a traditional Japanese garment that is worn over Kimono and usually allowed to the very official ceremony.
Comfortably sit on a Cyclo, let our international team of drivers make you discover the Marunouchi area in your own language. We will take you through the world of modern luxury shops at Nakadori , taking pictures with the Tokyo Station on Gyoko-dori avenue and feel the Japanese spirit passing in front of the imperial palace before going back. Enjoy the very essence of Tokyo: a combination of the tradition and the modern, the East and the West.




Ginza Shopping Concierge

Recommended time - 11:00 ~ 19:00

Ginza is heaven for shopping lovers with high-end fashion stores in luxury buildings combined with Japanese "omotenashi".

However, for your first time in Ginza, it's not easy to know where all of the brands you want to visit are. And even if you are already familiar with the area, since all of the shops are all scattered, a long walk and a lot of time is required to go around. This is not easy espcially while carrying big shopping bags!

Cyclo Limousine Shopping Concierge service will make your experience even more enjoyable and perfect.




Personal Experience Tour

Recommended time - Anytime

With the personal experience tour, spend the day to discover central Tokyo. Customize your days depends of your preference, shopping, food or tradition and culture.
You can start at the 400 years old Tsukiji market, passing by the famous Kabuki-za to go to Ginza with a shopping concierge service for the ultimate shopping afternoon. Or maybe you prefer enjoy the traditional beauty of Hibiya park, the charm of Marunouchi by night? Up to you!

The Cyclo is an eco-friendly transport, visit Tokyo with a guide in the language of your choice and make this day unforgettable.


*Time: Customized time
*Price: Please contact

Customised services

Recommended time - Any time

Are you having a special event coming? A wedding, an anniversary, a party?

Make your day even more special with Cyclo Limousine customised services.

*Time:Customised time
*Price:Please contact

* All courses offer the option for pick up and drop off, in case you would like to spend a little more time at some of your favourite destinations or would like to stop and experience any of the many restaurants and cafe’s along the way!